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1º- What is Seinagi VIP

Seinagi VIP is a System designed to have a list where visitors can get what you are looking for, including some private.

2º- Is there a fee to use it?

No, we only accept donations from the user, in return for your help we have access to some system options.

3º- Can be used by any user?

No, the anonymous user and if you are a normal user only has access to view restricted content.

4º- I can share my account with my friends?

No, it is not recommended to be shared, and that access to personal data and can endanger your own and other accounts that are related your login or password.

5º- I can see the content from Seinagi VIP?

You can view the content, but if not you have VIP account automatically sends you to the blog, if you have an account VIP only show content for VIP to see all of the requested content has to be accessed from the blog or from the Forum Seinagi Scanlations.


1º- What content are accessed from a VIP account?

Having a VIP account for making a donation will have access to all content privately listed without limits.

2º- Is there any option other than the VIP?

If you plan to add the option to Vip points, with which you have access to other content but not all content that is displayed to the user who made a donation.

3º- Points?

Previously we used a tool redeem points in exchange for some services and we want to add some options in this system.

4º- How do I access the VIP system?

As mentioned in the above, you help us with donations and the user will have access using VIP points.

5º- What is the difference VIP for the VIP donation Points?

The difference is minimal, the user who has donated would have access to all private options including what page is displayed with the VIP point, the user VIP Points only broad points list where you can access what you are looking.

6º- How much time have a VIP account you have made a donation?

The duration is based on the amount that has been donated 2 dollars is equivalent to 30 days of VIP access.
NOTE: no require donations for content in english.

7º- Do you have to donate time to time to keep active VIP account?

Yes, you have to donate to be extending VIP access time.
NOTE: no require donations for content in english.

8º- Where I can see how long I get VIP?

Inside your account information, simply go to "My Account" and you will get all information related to your account.

9º- Do you have to request to have VIP access after making a donation or automatic?

When a donation is made to wait between 24 to 72 hours to receive a code to be redeemed.

10º- Code? Where you have to put that code once achieved?

Among the options under "My Account" you have a section where you enter the code, your account will be automatically transformed and will also receive VIP Points.