Omae no Gohoushi wa Sono Teido ka?

Name: Omae no Gohoushi wa Sono Teido ka?
Associated Names: お前のご奉仕はその程度か?, Omae no Gohoushi wa Sono Teidoka?
Author: MORITA Kisetsu
Artist: Urute
Year: 2012
Genre: Supernatural, Seinen.

Ryouta Asagiri unknowingly wanders into a country of vampires that had just recently become independent from Japan. There he meets a pretty little vampire girl named Shiren Fuyukura, who suddenly questions him and bites him, later to claim that he has become her “Minion”. He soon finds out that he is unable to leave this country of vampires (The Sacred Blood Empire) and thus decides to comply to the vampire girl in becoming her “Minion”.

Chapter 00 (ENG):

Chapter 01 (ENG):

Chapter 02 (ENG):

20 thoughts on “Omae no Gohoushi wa Sono Teido ka?

  1. Gracias por el aporte, estuvo interesante espero que puedan seguir subiendo mas capítulos de este manga :mrgreen:

  2. Gracias por el aporte!! Por ahora me esta gustando, espero que puedan seguir traduciendo este manga!!

  3. Gracias por el aporte, y una sugerencia suban a ****, a **** dejenlo como respaldo de cosas pesadas(anime y recopilaciones en volumenes e incluso compedio de los volumenenes mismos y no de a pocos) ya que 1 decarga entre 1 hora es sumamente perdido si se necesitan partesitas de 7mb

  4. Hey does anynone know where the raws r for this manga, I woul really appreciate it. Thank you

  5. Hey Djscusa, I am sorry for all these constant posts, but I am such a big fan of this series. Lots of times I go on the internet and just scan all over for the light novels and all of the pictures and stuff. This time though I ran into the cover for volume 7 and I saw something that was very curious to me indeed. It said, “the climax,” in the synopsis, I could’t read it very well, but I did get that word. My question is, is volume 7 the final volume of the series? I hope not but that is what saw, someone please tell me…Thank you.

  6. Hello, I was reading this today and I saw on the comments that this series has been dropped, is this true?

    • Awaiting a Japanese / english translator that likes manga and want to continue it … Do not cancel it, I want to finish it.

      • Yeah, I so totally agree, please do not cancel it, I think this manga is so good I have read the three chapters dozens and dozens of times. I have gone frequently to manga sites to see if it has been updated, I also go on google images to see the different pictures or anything I can find. The reason is, is because I love this manga and I want to see what happens next so bad. So please do not cancel this manga.

  7. Hello, I just saw on a website that this manga has been licensed. If this is true who has licensed it and does this mean that you will no longer be translating?

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