10 thoughts on “Bousou Shojo – 09

  1. Wow, I totally forgot this existed. How the hell did it manage a ten volume run? If you’ve read ahead at all, do you know if the plot ever develops or just remains doing the same slightly variable gag over and over?

    • Plot repeats itself for a long time however, the reverse rapes take longer to develop as the volumes go on. Currently we are seeing 1 chapter = 1 reverse rape, as we move along it will take about 2-4 chapters

  2. Great to see that you’ve picked up this series!

    I’m curious to see how your versions read, as previous chapters seemed to indicate that all the Japanese wordplay was extremely hard to bring over to English (at least not without having a separate page that explained all the jokes).

  3. Thanks for picking up this series (I’d almost forgotten about it lol)

  4. Oh thanks so much for picking this up, I love this series and I read the raws but my Japanese isn’t good enough to pick up everything 😀

  5. Thanks for picking this up! I think it’s funny, and it would be great if you guys saw it through to the end 😮

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